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Sheepish Thinking.

Updated: Jan 27

There's a lot of people out there that won't eat lamb, but think nothing of eating other animals, like pigs, or cows.

Don't get me wrong, being one less person eating lambs is great; but what is the morality based on? Cuteness?

If you can see the innocence in a lamb and feel strongly enough to keep them off your plate, why not extend that compassion to other animals?

Do cows, chickens and pigs not bleed in the same way as lambs?


Do animals other than lambs have the intelligence to acknowledge emotions such as fear, yes.

So why do people feel it's ok for them to be murdered, but not lambs?

If it's because lambs are babies, so are the others.

In the U.K, Chickens are killed at 8-12 weeks old, pigs are killed at 4-7 months old and cows are killed 1-2 years old.

There is no logical reason to feel compassion towards lambs and not other animals.

Yes, lambs are ridiculously cute, but is that enough to base whether an animal deserves to live or not?

With society objectifying animals so casually, it's an easy trap to fall into. I myself once ate other animals, but wouldn't eat lamb.

However, when I was shown footage of other animals in slaughterhouse situations, I realised how wrong it was and it made me question my actions and eating habits.

All I ask is that people evaluate if they've created a hierarchy of animals "ok to eat" and be honest with themselves to if it makes any sense.

We can thrive without animal flesh in our diet, so why put any of them through it?

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