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My name is Georgia and I advocate for every living being to have the right to life.

I've been involved with the News Industry for over 15 years and am a qualified Broadcast Journalist; accredited by the Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC). 


I specialise in helping vegan brands and organisations gain exposure and have helped some of the biggest names in the industry gain News Coverage. Here are just a few examples I'm able to share:

Pig Factory Farm Stopped!

I campaigned for two years to ensure a Pig Factory Farm didn't open in my local area. I gained multiple pieces of News Coverage and teamed up with PETA U.K to successfully stop the plans.

The applicants labelled our efforts, "...the most scrutinised we (they) have ever submitted.”

Image by Stefanie Poepken

As well as helping activists, Animal Rights Organisations and eco-conscious brands gain Local, National and Global News Coverage, I have also spoken publicly about animal rights myself and have featured in:



"If it wasn't for Georgia being kind to me and giving me a chance to tell my side, then I wouldn't of gone from sheep farm to sheep sanctuary. Her willingness to hear me out and reach out to me when no one else would, is what really pushed home the truth." - Abby Daynes, Founder, The Same-Star Sheep Sanctuary.

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